Interact with customers
like never before.

Hot Spot Setup is a solution that lets you use your existing WiFi network to its full potential.

Simply raise your income by inviting more people
to your business.

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How does it work?

Open the box, plug your router & enjoy your personal Hot Spot.

Now you can manage your network for better interaction with your customers. Leave a better impression by providing and gathering information about your business in a fun and interactive way.

What are the gains?

Create better interaction with your customers.

There are multiple ways how you can interact with people.

Gather feedback

Ask people for an opinion about your products.

Get a like!

Convince poople to spread the word about you on Facebook.

Get a Tweet!

Get in touch with people around your brand.

Not enough?

We can prepare more customized solution for You.

Does it work with my network?


HotSpot Setup is a turn-key solution to manage internet network at your business. We are providing you with a system that let's you direct all internet browsing to fully customisable page of your choice.

What's more - you get to choose from number of different splash pages.

How much does it cost?

We have created 3 pricing plans to fulfill your needs.

  • Standard
  • $19.99
  • Hotspot polls
  • Hotspot facebook engagement
  • Basic analytics
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  • Premium
  • $29.99
  • All standard features
  • Schedulling options
  • Advanced analytics
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  • Corporate
  • Ask for pricing
  • All premium features
  • Custom landing pages
  • Full network analytics
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